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The PDI W-Hold (50 Degree) hop rubbers are soft and tight with external ribs to push against the hop chamber. 
They fit snugly on virtually all barrels to create an excellent seal. 
The softer Nitrile material performs superbly at low temperatures and remains grippy enough to float medium/heavy weight ammo. 

The internal mount is split to allow the BBs to be kept perfectly centrally to create a much more consistent and even backspin. 
The lips are an excellent shape and work with the vast majority of hop chambers. This is our go-to hop rubber for any GBB build, any VSR without an R-Hop and any build where the target ammo weight is equal to or lower than 0.30g. 

PDI W-Hold VSR-GBB Hop Rubber

SKU: 4560249632982
  • Please apply a drop of liquid silicone oil to the external surface prior to installation. This helps the hop rubber and barrel slide into the hop chamber evenly. 
    Check the hop rubber is evenly spaced and the split in the mount is central prior to rebuilding the RIF. 

    We recommend pairing this hop rubber with a flat nub for best results. Drop is a line on the contact page or with your order if you'd like us to supply a custom Sorbothane flat nub (hop arm modification required).

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