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This is a high-grade, mixed-material Spring Guide made from Laylax Japan.

In addition to the simple hex lock design, Laylax uses a POM shaft which rotates freely. Laylax claims that this feature improves spring torsion and performance.

As with everything Prometheus, you can expect the quality control and build quality to be superior to most other China/Taiwan-brand Spring Guides.

The Metal bearing Spring Guide is considered to be a necessary upgrade component by most Airsmiths. It increases consistency, boosts FPS, and increases the life of the Spring. It's the perfect complement for any high performance setup.

Most stock Spring guides are made of cheap plastic and simply cannot handle high-stress guns.

This Spring Guide is made from Stainless Steel, high-strength POM, and utilizes Thrust Bearings.

Prometheus EG V2/V8 Spring Guide

Only 1 left in stock
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