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The Prometheus EG Recoil Spring Guide is a high quality guide that has both a rotating shaft and thrust bearing, ensuring that the spring can twist unhindered as it is compressed. This reduces spring fatigue, giving a more consistent energy output with less degradation over time.
The Thrust bearing acts to slightly pre-compress the spring, which will raise the fps by up to 3%. 
The rotating shaft is made from POM, which serves to reduce the noise from spring vibration between shots.

Prometheus NGRS Spring Guide (M4)

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  • Compatible with all Tokyo Marui NGRS M4, HK416, HK417 and RECCE platforms.

    Please ensure the stock TM spring guide support ring is removed from the recoil rod before installation. 

    We recommend lightly lubricating the spring guide with Superlube PTFE grease.

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