These CNC machined gearbox shells from Retro Arms are some of the finest available on the market and feature a host of improvements over most standard v2 shells. 
They are machined from a billet of Duraluminium (EN AW 7075 T651) to provide significantly higher strength, durability and resiliance than even other Aluminium shells. 

These shells come with a Quick-Change Spring Guide and all necessary screws. 

The bearing holes are 8mm in diameter.


Technical expertise is required to install and tune this garbox. 
Screws should be torqued down to 1Nm. 

Retro Arms CNC Gearbox Shell (TM NGRS - 8mm)

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  • Unfortunately the Red geargox shells have been discontinued so we won't be able to order them in again. 

    Everything else is in stock :)