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The Retro Arms CNC Rotary Hop Chamber for M4 AEGs is one of the finest hop chambers on the market. Fully CNC machined from Aluminium billet this hop chamber will outperform in virtually any V2 AR-base AEG.


- Rotary adjustment wheel with large notches for easy adjustment

- Optional BB retention o-ring for the feed tube

- Stabilising o-ring for the gearbox hole

- Two hop arms: 

 --Standard AEG hop arm

 --TDC two-part hop arm with shaped nub (ideal for R-Hops)

- Screw-in hop arm pin so it never works loose

- Barrel locking collet - barrels cannot be rotated or work loose from the hop chamber

- Smooth operation with 'Hop On' direction indicator

- Excellent finish - fully anodized

- Extremely competitively priced

Retro Arms CNC M4 Hop Chamber

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  • Installation should be completed by a knowledegable tech with appropriate tools. 

    The locking collet will rotate the barrel as it is tightened so care must be taken when tightening this to keep the barrel aligned. 

    Virtually all hop rubbers will fit however most will require the end to be trimmed back by up to 5mm. 
    We recommend the Prometheus Purple hop rubbers for most builds.

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