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The SHS Dual Sector Gear and tappet plate (V3) is an awesome quality replacement sector gear. 

CNC machined from hardened steel, this gear is very strong and superb value for money. 
It'll work with most standard ratio spur gears and is compatible with virtually all AEG gearboxes. 

SHS Dual Sector Gear With V3 Tappet Plat

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  • While the tappet plate is V3 specific, the sector gear is compatible with virtually all standard AEG gearboxes. 

    The joining screws of the sector gear must be cleaned and threadlocked in place using a permanent thread locker. 
    We recommend Loctite 270 or 638. 

    The gear should be lightly lubricated with Superlube PTFE grease prior to use. 

    Please note that this is a Dual Sector Gear and must be used with a stronger spring to compensate for the half-stroke, ideally an M150 for an approximate 1J output with a standard TM barrel. 

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