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SiegeTek make the strongest AEG gears on the planet.

This is the latest generation (Gen 4) of Chromoly gears from their factory, case hardened for extreme durability.

This Sector Gear features an enhanced cutoff cam for snappier cutoff lever activation (and fewer semi-auto lockups), enlarged tappet cam and is compatible with all mechanical and optical cycle detection systems. Fully CNC machined and expertly finished, this gear will last for years to come in virtually any setup you could build.


For absolute strength and reliability, nothing else compares.

Siegetek Recoil Balanced Sector Gear

Out of Stock
  • Designed specifically for the Tokyo Marui Recoil platform, this sector gear is compatible with all NGRS gears. 

    We recommend a thin coating of Superlube PTFE grease applied with a toothbrush.

    Also compatible with the following SiegeTek gear sets:
    GS-B-V8 for the Type 89 AEG
    GS-T-SR High Torque gear set for the NGRS platform
    GS-TP Torque Plus gear set for V2/3 gearboxes
    GS-TP2 Torque Plus gear set for V6/7 gearboxes

    This gear requires a half-tooth piston for all installations and is not compatible with full-tooth pistons.

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