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KoA Ultimate AEG Gear Combo

The finest gear combo money can buy.
We pair the outstanding SiegeTek Chromoly 20.8:1 Sector and Spur gear with the Lonex Spiral Bevel and Pinion Gear to create the strongest, quietest and smoothest setup currently available in the world.

The SiegeTek gears are CNC machined from Chromoly Steel before being case hardened for unparalleled strength, shock absorbtion and reliability.

These are virtually indestructible.

The Lonex Spiral Gears have spiral cut teeth on the bevel and pinion interaction, giving several times the tooth contact area, spreading the load over a much greater area and allowing the stress to be much more smoothly transferred between teeth.

This results in a drastic reduction in noise and an equal increase in efficiency to give you the smoothest operation.

KoA Ultimate Gear Combo

Out of Stock
  • Please drop us a line if you'd like to order any sets that are not currently in stock and we'll order them in for you. 

    Individual gears are also available upon request.

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