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SiegeTek make the strongest AEG gears on the planet. 

This is the latest generation (Gen 4) of Chromoly gear from their factory, case hardened for extreme durability. 
The DSG features an enhanced cutoff cam for snappier cutoff lever activation (and fewer semi-auto lockups), smoother dual-tappet cams and is compatible with all mechanical and optical cycle detection systems. 


Fully CNC machined and expertly finished, these gears will last for years to come in virtually any setup you could build. 
For absolute strength and reliability, nothing else compares. 

SiegeTek Balanced Dual Sector Gear (V2/3)

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  • Compatible with the following SiegeTek sets:

    Balanced (20.8 ratio) gear set for V2/3 mechbox (GS-B)
    Balanced (20.81 ratio) gear set for V6/7 mechbox (GS-B2)
    Torque (27.08 ratio) gear set for V6/7 mechbox (GS-T2),
    as well as most 'stadndard' ratio gears including the Prometheus Wide-Use 18:1 gear set.

    DSG sets require a stronger main spring to compensate for the shorter stroke distance. We recommend a Guarder SP140 or higher. 
    Use with a weaker spring will cause pre-engagement, damage to your gearbox and will void any warranty on the gears or damaged components. 

    The tappet fin should be trimmed to a maximum length of 11mm.
    Furher instructions can be found on SiegeTek's site here.

    If you experience feeding issues, we recommend a Guarder tappet spring trimmed by 3 coils and Maple Leaf Superfeed magazine springs.

    May require some modification to fit in Krytac gearboxes.
    We recommend a thin coating of Superlube PTFE grease applied with a toothbrush.
    When short-stroking, we recommend removing teeth from the pickup side first and then the release side in a ratio of 2:1.

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