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SiegeTek make the strongest AEG gears on the planet. 

This is the latest generation of Chromoly pinion gear from their factory, case hardened for extreme durability. 
Super strong with optimised tooth geometry to mesh perfectly with all ration of SiegeTek gear as well as virtually all other brands. 

Fully CNC machined and expertly finished, these gears will last for years to come in virtually any setup you could build. 
For absolute strength and reliability, nothing else compares. 

SiegeTek Motor Pinion Gear (O-type)

Out of Stock
  • Compatible with virtually all AEG gears and most motors. 

    Please grease the pinion gear inside and out before installation. 
    Failure to do so may result in damage to the motor shaft and pinion gear.

    If the gear is still a tight fit, it may be heated with a heat gun to allow it to expand slightly. 

    Must be coated in a thin coating of grease prior to installion. Ideally Superlube PTFE grease applied with a toothbrush.

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