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SiegeTek make the strongest AEG gears on the planet. 

This is the latest generation (Gen 4) of Chromoly gears from their factory, case hardened for extreme durability with precisely calculated and accurately produced gear teeth in volute profiles provide maximum efficiency and durability.

This full set comes with the Sector, Spur and Bevel gears.
The Sector features an enhanced cutoff cam for snappier cutoff lever activation (and fewer semi-auto lockups), smoother tappet cam and is compatible with all mechanical and optical cycle detection systems. 

The Spur is as solid as ever with an enhances thickness for even greater reliability. The Bevel gear features teeth that go straight to the top of the gear for a higher number of steps for the ARL to catch on.


Fully CNC machined and expertly finished, these gears will last for years to come in virtually any setup you could build. 
For absolute strength and reliability, nothing else compares. 

SiegeTek Recoil Torque Gear Set (NGRS 27.19:1)

Out of Stock
  • These gears are a matched set and should not be mixed with other ratios. 

    Compatible with the TM Recoil-Shock gearboxes only (all models).

    We recommend lubricating these gears with a thin coating of Superlube PTFE grease applied with a toothbrush prior to use. 

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