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Fully upgraded Tokyo Marui HK45 AEP. 

Sam's personal ultimate upgrade package pre-installed and ready to rock. 
Featuring the following spec:
-Full KoA Special AEP Service
-Gate PicoAAB FET with Alphawire Silver/PTFE wire & Genuine Deans Micro plug

-Turnigy Nanotech 7.4v 300mAh 45-90C LiPo (x1) & Charging Adapter
-KoA Ultimate AEP Motor

-PDI Stainless Steel 6.01 barrel

-PDI W-Hold hop rubber with custom flat nub

-PDI Micro Piston Head

-PDI Micro Spring Guide

-Eagle6 M75 Spring

-PDI Palsonite AEP Cylinder

-Ezo Japanese AEP bearings

-Nineball AEP ARL & Spring
-Nineball AEP Damper Pads

Tokyo Marui HK45 AEP (Upgraded)

Out of Stock
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