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Viton® O rings have excellent chemical resistance and can be used at temperature range of between -15°C and 180°C. Although generally more expensive than NBR (Nitrile) O-rings, FKM has found wide acceptance in the aircraft, automotive and chemical industries. 

These O-Rings are the finest available for airsoft use and fit perfectly in all standard sized AEG air nozzles with o-ring grooves. 

We recommend lubricating the O-Ring with liquid silicon oil or a thin PTFE based grease.

Viton Air-Nozzle O-Rings

SKU: Viton_AN_70
  • These air-nozzle o-rings are compatible with most air nozzles that already contain o-rings. 
    They are a perfect fit for Maxx nozzles. 

    Some off-spec air nozzles or cylinder heads may not fit, for example these will not work with Ares nozzles and cylinder heads and can be too tight in many TM NGRS combinations.

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