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The complete upgrade package for the TM VSR range.

Based around the outstanding EdGI Upgrade Kit, this package will turn your Marui VSR in to the ultimate sniping beast.

Includes the following upgrades:

  • EdGI VSR Upgrade Kit:
    -EdGI Steel Cylinder
    -EdGI Steel Cylinder Head
    -EdGI Steel Spring
    -EdGI Steel Spring Guide
    -EdGI Steel Sear Set
    -EdGI Steel Spring Guide Stopper
    -EdGI VSR Piston
    -EdGI Barrel (up to 430mm included, Ported or non-Ported, regular or BULL outer diameter, 5.98 - 6.08 Inner Diameter)

  • R-Hop Installation with precision cut flat nub

  • Action Army or Airsoft Philosopher VSR CNC Machined Hop Chamber

  • SuperLube Teflon grease used throughout

  • Full installation, tuning and range testing of all components

We can also supply and install the 90° EdGI VSR kit and pair it with the Springer Custom VSR trigger for a straight release sear system. 

VSR Ultimate Upgrade Package