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Professional installation of a BTC MOSFET, either the Chimera, Spectre or Next-Generation Spectre for the Marui Recoil series. 

We precisely fit, test and tailor each installation to the specific platform. 
The wire length, gauge, insulation type, heatshrink type and spacing, connector and even the flux used are all chosen to compliment the build and provide the highest quality installation. 

We generally recommend Genuine Deans Ultra connectors but can also supply Genuine Mini and Large Tamiya, Genuine XT-60 and JST connectors for electric pistol builds.


On Tokyo Marui AR platforms, we always solder the LiPo adapter to the sliding contact bars unless otherwise instructed. 
In the Tokyo Marui SCAR-L and SCAR-H platforms, we can replace the stock wiring with a complete Genuine Deans Ultra 16# wire loom for an additional £20.

BTC MOSFET Installation

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