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The Cyma FMR (Full Metal Rack) piston is one of the strongest on the market. 
It features a full rack of steel teeth and a sturdy but slightly flexible body to better absorb shock. 

We use this piston in all of our AEG builds, it is more than capable of handling all levels of stress and is our go-to piston for virtually every build. 


These pistons may arrive with the piston head attached depending on the stock we can source. 
The piston heads are strong but not suitable for use with AoE correcting buffer pads and should be removed if one is being used. 

The piston heads are considered a free extra :)


Please note the colour of the piston body may differ from the photo

Cyma Reinforced Steel Tooth Piston

  • This piston is compatible with virtually all regular AEG gearboxes. 

    We recommend you epoxy in the rack of teeth using JB Weld Original and allow it to set for at least 24 hours before use. 

    The included piston head is good quality but will eat up unprotected Sorbothane pads. If using Sorbo to correct the AoE, we only recommend Airlab pads as they come with a white protective cover. 
    Please remember to remove the appropriate teeth if correcting the AoE.

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