Guarder make some of the highest quality and most consistent AEG springs. 
They have become synonymous with perfection and reliability. 
These springs are made from heat treated Chrome Silicon steel.

Guarder SP170 Spring AEG

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  • Compatible with virtually all AEGs including the NGRS platform with some modification. 

    Please test that the piston can fully compress over the spring with the spring guide seating inside the piston prior to installation. 
    If the spring guide cannot fully seat inside the back of the piston, the spring may need to be cut down slightly or the gears short-stroked. 

    Cutting the spring should be done with strong pliers or bolt cutters and the end refinished by gently heating it and pushing it flush against a heat-resistant metal surface. 
    The spring should not exceed a red-orange glow and must be left to cool naturally at room temperature so as not to destroy the temper, rendering the spring brittle and likely to shatter. 

    The fps output will vary and entirely depend on the individual build so we cannot predict the power or recommend any given spring without knowing the full build. 
    Please drop us a line if you'd like advice on which spring would be most suitable for your build.