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CNC machined Cylinder Head from Nuprol coupled with a professionally installed Air-Pad polyurethane buffer pad.

We use Gorilla Glue Gel super glue to ensure a perfect bond in even the highest stress builds.

This unit fits perfectly with Prometheus and PDI Steel Cylinders and seals exceptionally well with Lonex and Prometheus Recoil Air Nozzles. The buffer pad dampens the piston head impact and partially corrects the Angle of Engagement. 


KoA NGRS Cylinder Head Assembly

SKU: 0700315610368
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  • Compatible with all TM NGRS M4, 416 and SCAR gearboxes. 
    Not compatible with the TM NGRS AK or G36. 

    We recommend lightly lubricating the o-rings and nozzle with Super Lube liquid silicone oil prior to use. 

    Please note:
    Full AoE correction is detrimental to the performance of NGRS guns. Fully correcting the AoE reduces the available cylinder volume causing a loss in power output. This requires a stronger spring to mitigate, resulting in a net increase in pickup stress on the piston. 

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