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Prometheus Recoil Piston Head (M4)

The highest quality Recoil piston head available. Comes with an internal bearing to allow for friction-free spring compression, a ported face to allow for easy pressure equalization and excellent strength throughout.

Prometheus Recoil Piston Head (M4)

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  • Compatible with the Laylax Prometheus NGRS M4 piston and usable in the M4, HK416 and HK417 platforms. 

    Please ensure the screw is cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol prior to installation. Loctite 266 threadlocker should be used to hold the screw in place. 
    We recommend lubricating the bearing and rotating shaft with Superlube PTFE grease. 

    Please ensure the locating lugs of the nut are correctly positioned in the grooves of the housing to prevent the piston head from working loose during use. 
    The rotating shaft should freely rotate inside the piston when the piston head is fully tightened down.

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