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The PTS® Enhanced Polymer Grip - Compact (EPG-C) is a simple yet highly functional polymer pistol grip for the M4/M16 platform.


It features an ergonomically designed shape and distinctive texturing that is optimized for strong and suitable grip under even adverse conditions.


Additionally, the EPG-C has a reduced grip angle versus a standard M4 grip that's more compatible with modern carbine gunfighting and CQB stances. This grip angle helps to reduce strain on the wrist and helps to put the hand more in-line with the trigger for better trigger control.


It allows equal comfort for shooters who wish to run their guns with their stocks fully collapsed or fully extended.


SKU: PT123450307
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  • Compatibe with virtually all AEG and NGRS M4 RIFs.
    Not compatible with NGRS HK416/7 models.

    When routing the cables, both wires must be routed up the front of the grip so the motor remains flush against the back of the grip.

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