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A New Blast from the Past

So to start us off, I thought I'd chuck up a little video showcasing one of my favourite builds from an awesome little platform. The AEP (Automatic Electric Pistol) and CMG (Compact Machine Gun) platforms offer huge potential not only as reliable side arms but also as fully fledged primary weapons in Airsoft games. For years they have been seen as little more than toys and novelties but with recent advancements in battery technology and compact electronics along with a greater availability of upgrade parts, their performance can now match full sized AEGs or even surpass them in some cases. This little video shows my own personal show piece. It started life as a Tokyo Marui USP AEP but after a full internal upgrade and an awesome custom motor, it now outperforms some of my full size primaries. This little beast has been upgraded further since the filming of this video and now hits almost 300FPS @ 30RPS with a range of well over 50m using Airsoft Surgeon 0.3g ammo. The exact motor I used in this USP took a significant amount of work to install, including cutting off almost half of the gearbox and bolting the motor straight to the shell, so it's not really a cost effective upgrade for most people. That's why myself and Blair (PolarBlair) have been working on a 3D printed upgrade component for all AEP and CMG motors. This and a few other related tweaks, will be the final piece that will complete the upgrade roster for our tiny pocket power houses!

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