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This year has been pretty hectic for us here at the Kingdom. We've expanded our upgrade services and taken in jobs from all over the world while building up the necessary tool sets and methodology to get through all the jobs efficiently.

While some spanners have definitely entered the works, overall the process has been a resounding success and has led to our moving to a substantially larger workshop. Our new place is closer to town, has a large customer car park and is around 6 times the size of the previous shop :)

There's still a fair amount of work to do and precious little time. I know I will be endeavouring to keep the KoA Blog and website more up to date but please feel free to bug me for information, that genuinely does help me prioritise things. Of the many projects we've been working on, some have been shelved for now, some have made excellent progress and new ones have cropped up. I'll give a general overview here for the sake of brevity: MP7 Gearbox Shell - On Hold TM Recoil CNC'd Triggers - Finished/Pending Machining AEP Ultra Motors - Alpha Testing/Final Refinements ProWin M4 Hop Chamber R-Hop Arms - Finished AEP USP 3D Printed LAM/Battery Box - Finished but prohibitively expensive

Tanaka/KJW M700 R-Hop Chamber - Final Design Stage/Pre-Alpha

TM Recoil Ultra Custom Motors - Finished & Available

EdGI Custom Barrels - Available

Many more are in the initial planning stages, so check back later for more updates. -Sam

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