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The Ronin Motor

Now, it's not exactly news to anyone that, since their arrival on the market, Warhead Industries have been revolutionising the market with their brushless motors. But of course, from their sudden appearance and unbridled explosion in popularity came the momentum to push forward and produce something more.

If you've been keeping an eye on the market, and news of upcoming releases, you might already have heard of the new Ronin motor by Warhead. But if you haven't heard, let me give you some insight on why this could be the best motor available for your AEG.

The Ronin Motor boasts having the best available magnets for increased power and efficiency. The motor is hand wound by a master of the craft with over twenty years of experience to assure the utmost quality. They have a lightened rotor with improved bearings to attempt to achieve an improved trigger response and cycle time. All this combined with a lightweight titanium shaft and you have a very impressive looking motor.

But it doesn't just look impressive statistically, it's also quite a nice looking motor physically. With the motor anodised red contrasting against black recesses and a white dragon laser etched into the sides of the motor casing, it's honestly quite an aesthetic piece. Clearly some love has gone into the design of this motor and they want to show that off in it's presentation.

Now with all that said, I can happily reveal that we've been sent one for testing. Now, as of the date this is written, we haven't tested it quite yet. However we're excited to see just what this new motor can do.


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