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A New Blast from the Past

So to start us off, I thought I'd chuck up a little video showcasing one of my favourite builds from an awesome little platform. The AEP (Automatic Electric Pistol) and CMG (Compact Machine Gun) platforms offer huge potential not only as reliable side arms but also as fully fledged primary weapons in Airsoft games. For years they have been seen as little more than toys and novelties but with recent advancements in battery technology and compact electronics along with a greater availability of upgrade parts, their performance can now match full sized AEGs or even surpass them in some cases. This little video shows my own personal show piece. It started life as a Tokyo Marui USP AEP bu

KoA's Brand New Website

So here it is, our brand new website and the start of something really awesome. Over the coming years, we hope to create a comprehensive and totally free repository of Airsoft knowledge alongside our Ultra high quality range of Tailored Service packages. We're almost always around to chat and offer advice, so anytime you have a question don't hesitate to drop us a line.

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