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The Next Generation of Recoil

Recently one of our customers brought in a brand new Tokyo Marui Recoil MP5 to have some work. It was an absolute delight to work on and a very, very impressive gun to hold, let alone shoot.

The gun has a nice weighty feeling to it, not so much that it is too heavy to run around with but just heavy enough to make it feel like a nice piece of kit, rather than a toy gun. The kick is quite good, comfortably standing toe to toe with even the larger recoil guns in that respect.

After doing all the upgrades, it sounds amazing and shoots very well with good range and amazing grouping, not that it was a slouch before the upgrades either. As with most TM Recoils, it performs quite well out of the box.

But don't take my word for it, we were able to get a quick video done and get a Sam's thoughts on the gun and some footage of him putting shots down range.


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