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Kill Team and Game Matts

This week has been a really big week for the Warhammer side of our business. The launch of Kill Team: Octarius has gotten the Warhammer nuts in the office very excited to dig back into some Kill Team! On top of that, we just got in some brand new game matts to play our games of 40k on. This means that Tuesday game nights will be much more immersive and atmospheric. If you're looking for a place to play, come by any Tuesday at around 3pm!

We initially started out our Warhammer career playing Kill Team so the new release, which completely revamps the rules, is a super exciting prospect. We got a couple boxes in and couldn't wait to crack one open and have a few games.

Now that our tables are adorned with two sided neoprene game matts, we've been looking for any excuse to play 40k games. The neoprene objective marker templates are a lifesaver and spare us so much grief measuring out distances from objective markers. It's helped us cut down our game times to more reasonable levels without ruining the feel of the game.

So, once again I invite you down for our Tuesday game nights, we accept players of any and all skill levels. We're trying to build a very relaxed, casual environment for people to learn the game or just hang out and play. As I said earlier in the post, it's any time after 3pm that you can come by for some games.


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