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Tolerance Control

The last few weeks have seen a massive surge in the number of jobs going through Kingdom of Airsoft, with well over thirty builds in the shop and at least five active on any given day. While this crazy wave of work has kept us all on our toes, it hasn't stopped us from scheming away in the background and working on some cool little projects. Some of you may know that we are one of the few businesses (in the world?) who professionally upgrade AEPs and stretch every little bit of performance from them. One of the biggest failure points in the most popular AEP platform, the MP7, has always been the gearbox shell. So we've decided to fix that! Myself (Sam) and PolarBlair have been badgering away at creating the CAD files needed to begin work on a CNC'd MP7 Gearbox Shell. The PolarBlair has been over at the shop with his head down measuring, calculating, drawing and quadruple checking every minute detail in order to create the blueprints for this project, with every single size and dimension is accurate to within 0.05mm And the result is truly awesome

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