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Upgraded Organisation

After forgetting about this blog for over a year, I feel like it high time I set aside a little segment of each week to update folks with news of the latest happenings at Kingdom of Airsoft. This past year has been pretty hectic as always. The challenges of moving to a new workshop have not abated, with work still continuing but moving at a significantly faster pace now. Our aim for the coming months is to 'Upgrade our Organisation'. Not in any financial sense but to better our internal organisation to ensure that we improve areas we know are currently weaknesses. We will be aiming to have messages answered within 48 hours and our turn-around time down to 2 weeks. The main sticking points have been achieved already, with all the parts required now firmly in stock and a new head of organisation working for us too (more on that in a few paragraphs). Over the year, many awesome events have taken place. We won the Airsoft International Industry Award for 'Tech of the Year' for a second year running, we've further developed our TM Recoil service spectrum and put a especially large amount of work improving our own custom motor design. Many obstacles have reared their ugly heads, mostly to do with thwarting our international customers. Both HMRC and UPS took almost 10 months to sort out the Inward Processing authorisation and international shipping accounts respectively but these are now sorted and almost fully operational. This means that customers outwith Europe can send their builds here and not be charged VAT or Duty on the value of their parcel. The last hurdle across the track is currently pending and once finished, will allow worldwide collections and return deliveries to be organised (with insurance) at a significantly cheaper rate than we currently have!

We haven't forgotten the old projects either. The MP7 AEP gearbox shell is still under development and the AEP motors are very nearly finished. Other smaller parts have also been finished and are working their way into our various services, like this custom wire cover for the TM Recoil M4 stocks:

We've been working very closely with Nomad Arms to finalise the design of the TM Recoil Straight trigger, which will be available in 3D printed metal in the coming months. Probably the largest change has come quite recently with the addition of one extra full time member of staff. None other than my own Dad, Jim Liggat. Dad is currently renovating the entire workshop to allow us easy and efficient use of the space available while also tackling the multitude of repairs and other essential amenity installations, like hot water! He is also the single most organised individual on the planet and will be improving many aspects of the business so we can provide a slick and efficient service. Once the physical renovation has been completed, we will not only have a show room for the guns but the full tech bench will be on display so customers can come to watch the work being competed. We don't believe in 'magic', 'pixie dust' or the ridiculously secretive nature of some technicians so everything we do is 'open source'. One of our long term goals for the coming years is to greatly expand our Youtube channel with more excellent guides and tutorials, so feel free to drop us a line with suggestions and comments about what you'd like to see first :)

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