Our philosophy is to aim for perfection with every build. We create beautiful upgrades to the very highest quality using only the best components. 

We create the highest performance Airsoft builds in the world.

The Longsword
The Longsword.
The last word in quality and performance; often imitated but never replicated.
Lonex Spiral Bevel & Pinion Set
The smoothest and most efficient bevel and pinion gear combo on the market.
EdGI Steel Barrels
The finest barrels available for Airsoft.
BTC Spectre (No Bluetooth)
The latest batch of reliable Spectres from Black Talon Concepts. Renowned for their MOSFETs across the world.
Nuprol Rzr Ammo
Excellent quality ammo at an exceptionally good price point.
Vortex Red Dot Scopes
Superb quality and the Legendary VIP Warranty.
What more could you want
KoA Recoil LiPo Adapter
The highest qualty LiPo adapter for any TM Recoil AR platform available in the world.
Gate Titan - NGRS
The premium smart control unit for the TM NGRS gearbox.
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